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Incubation centres for food processing at Gwalior, Morena and Sehore

23 January 2022, Gwalior: CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan speaking at the event said, “Teaching the techniques of food processing to the farmers and rural youth, providing them easy loans to set up processing units, help in marketing the product, then food processing in the villages will not only increase the income of the farmers but also educate the children of the farmers in the agriculture sector. With this goal, 3 Incubation Centres being built at Gwalior, Morena and Sehore is a big step to make food processing a wider area. These will prove to be a milestone in providing economic strength to farmers and youth through food processing.

While addressing the program organized in Gwalior, he said “Madhya Pradesh government will give subsidy ranging from 10 lakh to 2.5 crore for small and big food processing units. We will also give them technical knowledge of processing by holding workshops. The development of irrigation facilities, new technology, improved seeds, and availability of fertilizers has become easy. Today we have more food grains than Punjab. MP is producing record production of fruits & vegetables along with grains, mentioned CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan.

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