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ICAR-NRC for Banana transfers Patented Banana Juice Technology to Tamil Nadu Banana Producers Company

13 May 2022, New Delhi: The ICAR-National Research Centre for Banana, Tiruchirapalli, Tamil Nadu licensed and transferred the Basil Seed Suspended Clarified Banana Juice to the Thottiyam Banana Producer Company Ltd. – Member of Tamil Nadu Banana Growers Federation here today.

Dr. S. Uma, Director, ICAR-NRC for Banana, Tiruchirapalli stated that the Technology Transfer and converting the over ripe Banana to Juice will add new products to the market. She said that the Banana is grown in 6,000 Ha area in Trichy District and approximately 1 Lakh Hectare in Tamil Nadu.

Dr. P. Suresh Kumar, Principal Scientist, one of the Inventors of the Technologies, ICAR-NRC for Banana briefed that the market is flooded with artificially flavored, Synthetic Chia Seed Suspended Juice having the traces of Fruit Juice with a lot of added sugar. He emphasized that this is the first of its kind that the Bureau has come-up with the novel technology of using the traditional Basil Seeds to make Suspended Clarified Banana Juice.

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Mr. G. Ajeethan, Managing Director, FPO said that the technology from the ICAR-NRC for Banana will be used for producing the new beverage from Banana.

The Institute has also developed more than 55 different technologies using the different parts of Banana including minimally processed foods, low sugar bakery & confectionary foods and utilizing the wastes like peel, stem, corm & male flower for functional foods for the benefit of the Entrepreneurs, Consumers, etc.