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Haryana chief minister, Mr. Manohar lal, while interacting with progressive farmers of haryana

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28 June 2022, Chandigarh: Hakkam Singh, a progressive farmer of Yamunanagar, is cultivating 21 acres of land with micro-irrigation

Progressive farmer Balbir Singh directly interacts with Chief Minister

Chandigarh, June 28- Haryana Chief Minister, Sh. Manohar Lal, while interacting with progressive farmers of Haryana at the inauguration ceremony of 7500 demonstration projects of micro-irrigation for villages with more than 100 feet deep underground water from Panchkula today, said that the work of sowing paddy through micro-irrigation has begun which is a big example in itself.

Micro-irrigation saves 50 to 60 percent of water

Progressive farmer Manoj Kumar,  from Taraori, District Karnal while talking to the Chief Minister said, this year he used micro-irrigation on one acre of land under Micro Irrigation and Command Area Development Authority (MICADA) on which Paddy crop has been planted that has resulted in 50 to 60 percent water  saving as well as the cost spent on farm labour has also been reduced. He further shared he had paid only Rs. 18,000 as GST, the rest 82 to 83 percent has been borne by the government. He said that the DSR method saves 30 to 50 percent water.

Similarly, progressive farmer Ashok Ratakheda of district Fatehabad told that he has installed micro-irrigation in one acre, which saves more than 50 percent water and this time he is thinking of getting micro-irrigation on his entire land.

Higher yield of crop due to micro-irrigation

Progressive farmer Balbir Singh, from district Ambala, while talking directly to the Chief Minister from his field, said that the team of Irrigation Department had come in 2019-20, who advised him to start this project. So he had decided to execute this project on two acres of sugarcane crop and also did the same for paddy cultivation last year. Micro-irrigation saves water and electricity for the farmer as well as increases the yield of the crop.

Water circulates in five acres of crop in one hour due to micro-irrigation

Progressive farmer Hakkam Singh from district Yamunanagar shared that he is cultivating 21 acres of land with micro-irrigation on which sugarcane and paddy are grown. He said that earlier one acre was used to get water from a tubewell in 8 hours but now due to micro-irrigation, the crops sown on five acres of land get water in one hour. This saves water as well as electricity.

Future generations will get water from micro-irrigation

Progressive farmer Lakhwinder Singh from District Kurukshetra shared that micro-irrigation is a very good scheme to save water as it also ensures saving water for the coming generations. He said that he also utilizes domestic water for irrigation.

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