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Farmers of Madhya Pradesh burn garlic brought for sale at Mandsour Mandi

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18 December 2021, Indore: Mandsour is a big market of Garlic in Madhya Pradesh state. The highest bid for the produce is usually at about Rs. 12,500/quintal. Today the prices of garlic at the Mandsour mandi (market) were in between Rs. 801 – Rs. 1010 per quintal.

Farmers who bought in fresh produce at Mandi today were disappointed by the prevailing rates in the market. The angry group of farmers had set their own produce on fire seeing the situation at the market. The local authorities made sure that other heaps of garlic that came for sale did not catch fire and the burning heap was immediately removed it from the main area. The video of the incident is going viral on social media.

A farmer from the nearby area who was present at the incident, Mr. Omprakash Dhakad, told Krishak Jagat that the produce brought in today was of very superior quality standard. A good quality garlic produce is white in color with large size, and low in moisture. This kind of quality gets the highest price. The agitated farmers had already paid a transport cost was about Rs. 5,000 which is more than the bid price for the produce in market.

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