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Budget 2022-23 renews focus on agriculture and infrastructure: SK Chaudhary, Founder Director at Safex Chemicals

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07 February 2022, New Delhi: Sharing views on Union Budget 2022, SK Chaudhary, Founder Director at Safex Chemicals mentioned, “This year’s budget is highly built on the foundation of new visions and technologies. A renewed focus on agriculture and infrastructure would mean accelerated economic development, which cannot be accomplished without digital disruptions. The initiative to promote chemical-free natural farming throughout the country will help in strengthening the agriculture industry.”

SK Chaudhary, Founder Director at Safex Chemicals

Considering the financial aspects of things, 2022-2023 would prove to be a highly crucial period for the agriculture industry said Mr. SK Chaudhary. Farm procurement value for FY23 would be Rs 2.37  lakh crore. This would help agrochemical companies like us focus more on building reliability and march towards higher growth.

With rapid channelisation of the Agrotech sector and encouragement of domestic production of oilseeds, it is an opportune time to enhance our spending in training our youths with essential skill sets related to agriculture and the use of chemicals and pesticides to catch hold of the opportunity. 
The government’s plan to align Rs 2.37 lakh crore towards procuring wheat and paddy under MSP operations is a huge relief to the farmers and agro players. Moreover, the year 2022-23 has been announced as the International Year of Millets. The rationalised scheme to increase domestic oilseed production to cut down imports will foster the growth of the agrochemical industry. The key areas where we expected reform were ensuring predictability, consistency, and rationalization of levies and taxes. 
The announcement of Ken Betwa river linking project worth Rs 44,605 crore alongwith Kisan Drones for crop assessment, land records, spraying of insecticides will drive a wave of technology in the agri sector. All these new measures and policies make this budget wholesome, which would further help us promote innovation and investments in the industry to achieve a better productivity vision.”

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