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Apple Industry in Northern India Faces Challenges Amidst Changing Climate

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29 May 2024, New Delhi: The horticulture sector in North India, particularly in Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir, is grappling with the impacts of climate change. The apple industry, which is crucial to the local economies, is experiencing erratic weather conditions, including intense rainfall, decreased snowfall, and sudden temperature increases. These changes are detrimental to apple cultivation, which thrives in cooler temperatures.

The region has seen a decline in fruit production, which has been attributed to these sharp climatic fluctuations and the onset of infectious diseases in orchards. The horticulture industry in Jammu and Kashmir, which contributes about 8% to the GDP, is significantly impacted, with apple production being a major concern. Farmers are reporting a year-on-year decline in yields.

Aamir Manzoor, an apple farmer from Shopian, highlighted the absence of blossoms in orchards and reduced fruit production despite efforts to mitigate these changes. The lack of adequate snowfall and untimely rains are among the factors affecting crop yields. The transition from traditional to high-density apple orchards raises environmental concerns among farmers, who are questioning the sustainability and environmental impact of such practices.

The recent heatwave in the Kashmir Valley, which is expected to persist, has already impacted early-season crops like strawberries and cherries, and apples are likely to be affected as well. Mukhtar Ahmad, Director MeT, notes that the heatwave’s contribution to forced maturity in crops due to clear skies and soil heating. The rising temperatures also increase the risk of infectious diseases in orchards, further threatening fruit production. Addressing these challenges will require a comprehensive approach that combines technological interventions, policy support, and collaborative efforts to ensure the sustainability of the region’s apple industry.

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