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A Success Story of a Piggery Entrepreneur Through Field Adoption of Reproductive Technologies

17 June 2024, Goa: Pig farming in India is largely unorganized and many farmers do not follow improved practices. However, many are now considering medium- to large-scale piggery enterprises as profitable ventures.

Shri Ramesh Vaidu, from Belagavi, Karnataka, has attempted self-employment through pig farming but faces challenges like low submission rates, high feed costs, shortage of breeding males, and inbreeding.

ICAR-Central Coastal Agricultural Research Institute, Goa provided technical guidance and training on scientific pig farming to the farmer. The institute also offered tele-consultations and training on modern pig breeding and management interventions. Shri. Vaidu was also enrolled as an off-site incubatee in the Institute Agri-business Incubation centre for technical consultancy, value-added business support, and marketing assistance.

The Institute supported him in setting up an On-farm Lab for pig semen evaluation and processing. The farmer was motivated to adopt sustainable technologies like Artificial Insemination and controlled breeding using estrus induction and synchronization protocols. This led to a 74% increase in submission rate and 56% increase in conception rate, and a 40% increase in overall pregnancy rate in the breeding herd.

Shri Vaidu transformed his small-scale farm into a larger breeder-cum-fattener farm, resulting in a three-fold increase in annual income and a monthly income of Rs. 80,000. Additionally, he saved Rs. 9,000 on breeding costs and maintenance of breeding boars. These successful technological interventions encouraged the neighboring farmers to adopt improved reproductive technologies for increased productivity and livelihood security.

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