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6 Major achievements of the Indian Government in the agriculture sector during 2022

27 December 2022, New Delhi: The current financial year has seen a lot of regulatory as well as technological changes which will help push Indian Agriculture to new levels. We have listed the top 10 indicators that will bring prosperity to Indian farmers and will help India in maintaining its self-reliance in agriculture production.

1. Unprecedented enhancement in budget allocation

The Budget allocation for the Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare has been increased to Rs. 1,24,000 crore in 2022-23.

2. Record food grains and horticulture production

Food grain production has increased from 308.65 million tonnes in January 2022 to 315.72 million tonnes in December 2022 (as per 4th advance estimates) which is the highest-ever food grain production.

As per third-advanced estimates, horticulture production during 2020-21 was 331.05 million MT which increased to 342.33 million MT during 2021-22. It is the highest-ever production for Indian horticulture.

3. Fixing MSP at one-and-a-half times the cost of production

The government has increased the MSP for all mandated Kharif, Rabi, and other commercial crops with a return of at least 50 percent overall India-weighted average cost of production from 2018-19.

MSP for Paddy (common) has increased to Rs. 2040 per quintal in December 2022 from Rs. 1940 per quintal in January 2022.

MSP for Wheat increased from Rs. 2015 per quintal in January 2022 to Rs. 2125 per quintal in December 2022.

4. Increase in procurement from farmers

In 2021-22, a quantity of 31,08,941.96 MT of pulses, oilseeds, and copra having an MSP value of Rs 17,093.13 crore benefiting 14,68,699 farmers has been done.

Further, under procurement of the Kharif 2021-22 season, a quantity of 2,24,282.01 MT of Pulses and Oilseeds having an MSP value of Rs. 1380.17 Crores benefiting 1,37,788 farmers was procured till January 2022.

Under procurement of Kharif 2022-23 season, a quantity of 1,03,830.50 MT of pulses, oilseeds & copra having an MSP Value of Rs 915.79 crore benefiting 61,339 farmers have been procured till December 2022.

5. Agri Infrastructure Fund

Since the inception of AIF, upto January 2022 the scheme sanctioned Rs.11,891 Crore worth of agriculture infrastructure in the country for more than 16000 projects whereas till December 2022 sanctioned Rs. 13,681 Crore worth of agriculture infrastructure in the country for more than 18133 projects.

With the support of the scheme, various agriculture infrastructures were created and some of the infrastructures are at the final stage of completion.

Upto December 2022, 8076 warehouses, 2788 primary processing units, 1860 custom hiring centers, 937 sorting & grading units, 696 cold store projects, 163 assaying units and around 3613 other kinds of post-harvest management projects and community farming assets have been created.

6. Drones in Agriculture

To make Drone technology affordable to the farmers and other stakeholders of this sector, financial assistance at 100 % cost of the drone together with the contingent expenditure is extended under Sub-Mission on Agricultural Mechanization (SMAM) for its demonstration on the farmer’s fields

Financial assistance at 40% of the basic cost of a drone and its attachments up to a maximum of Rs. 4.00 lakhs, is provided for drone purchase by Custom Hiring Centers (CHCs) under the Cooperative Society of Farmers, FPOs , and Rural entrepreneurs.

The agriculture graduates establishing CHCs are eligible to receive financial assistance at 50% of the cost of a drone up to a maximum of Rs. 5.00 lakhs.

Individual farmers are also eligible for financial assistance and the Small and Marginal Farmers, SC/ST Farmers, Women Farmers, and Farmers of the North Eastern States are provided financial assistance at 50% of the cost of the drone up to a maximum of Rs. 5.00 lakhs. The other farmers are provided financial assistance at 40% of the cost of the drone up to a maximum of Rs. 4.00 lakhs.

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