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Vietnam sets a target for fruit and vegetable export turnover from 8 to 10 billion USD

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30 March 2021, China: The project has set a target by 2030, fruit and vegetable export turnover will reach from 8 to 10 billion USD. In which, the proportion of export turnover of processed fruit and vegetable products will reach 30% or more; fruit and vegetable processing capacity will reach two million tons of products per year, nearly twice as much as in 2020. By 2030, Vietnam will attract new investment in 50 to 60 large and medium-sized fruit and vegetable processing establishments; build and successfully develop a number of modern fruit and vegetable processing groups and enterprises on a regional and international level with high international competitiveness.

To achieve the above objectives, the project’s mission is to promote investment in improving the capacity of fruit and vegetable processing; to develop establishments for preliminary processing and preserving of fresh fruits and vegetables; to promote the processing of key fruit and vegetable products and products with high added value; to organize the production of fruits and vegetables for processing; to develop markets for vegetables and fruits. In particular, the project’s mission is to build a system of preliminary processing, packaging and cool storage facilities to preserve fresh fruits and vegetables with the scale and equipment suitable to the output and characteristics of key vegetables to reduce the post-harvest losses. The project’s mission is to strongly attract investment so that by 2030, fruit and vegetable production areas, production cooperatives and big fruit and vegetable collecting establishments and agents will be invested in machines, equipment and preliminary processing and packing workshops, and storing cool facilities with suitable scale to form a system of synchronous preliminary processing and packaging establishments.

Vietnam is to encourage enterprises to invest in food irradiation centers meeting international standards associated with large-scale, concentrated fruit and vegetable production regions.

The project’s mission is to step up the deep processing and diversification of products from vegetable and fruit raw materials and post-processing by-products; in the period 2021 – 2030, to set a target for average growth rate of added value of more than 10% per year; to build and form areas specialized in vegetable and fruit production to ensure that the supplied materials (about 5 to 6 million tons by 2030) with quality and safety for food processing activities.

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