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UPL targets Africa to promote sustainable agriculture in partnership with the FIFA Foundation

11 September 2020, Mumbai, IN: UPL Ltd. and the FIFA Foundation recently announced a new collaboration agreement to promote and raise awareness about sustainable development in agriculture and education in society through football.

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Under the recently signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), UPL is collaborating with the FIFA Foundation’s Football for Schools Programme, designed to engage children in interactive education sessions focused on developing life skills and promoting values through football. Additionally, the two organisations are working together to support sustainable development objectives and environmental protection efforts that reward smallholder farmers in developing markets for adopting sustainable agricultural practices.

As part of this programme, Africa has been identified to pursue sustainable agriculture initiatives, utilizing UPL’s extensive geographic footprint, biological inputs and enhanced agricultural practices to enable smallholder farmers to build resilience, improve yields, and increase productivity.

“Opportunity to pursue education and sustainable farming practices”

“Our OpenAgTM Purpose leads us to create an agriculture network that feeds sustainable growth for all,” said Jai Shroff, Global CEO of UPL. “UPL’s work in Africa already plays a central role in our commitment to sustainable agricultural development, and our partnership with the FIFA Foundation will only strengthen this opportunity to pursue education and sustainable farming practices, enabling farmer resilience. We look forward to moving these objectives forward.”

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“Together, UPL and the FIFA Foundation can make a significant impact on two key challenges facing mankind: climate change and the fight against poverty,” stated Youri Djorkaeff, CEO of the FIFA Foundation. “We couldn’t be more excited to engage in Africa to make a positive impact on society while ensuring a more sustainable world.”

“We see a great opportunity to leverage our Football for Schools programme combined with UPL’s sustainability expertise to help African farmers and society advance education as well as environmental protection efforts,” added Mauricio Macri, Executive Chairman of the FIFA Foundation.

Jai Shroff spoke at the African Green Revolution Forum from 8-11 September along with other global and African leaders to develop actionable plans that will move African agriculture forward.

Pictured above are Fatma Samoura (FIFA Secretary General), Gianni Infantino (FIFA President and President of the FIFA Foundation Board), Jai Shroff (Global Chief Executive Officer, UPL), Mauricio Macri (Executive Chairman of the FIFA Foundation), Youri Djorkaeff (FIFA Foundation CEO) and Diego Lopez Casanello (Chief Operating Officer of UPL).