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The US accepts to open the market for Vietnam’s pomelos

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03 January 2022, Vietnam: Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Tran Thanh Nam said that US authorities have just announced that in 60 days, Vietnamese pomelos will officially enter the US market.

Next, the US will consider and evaluate to open the door for Vietnamese coconuts to this market.

Deputy Minister Tran Thanh Nam suggested that businesses  wishing to export the fruit to the US  should coordinate with the plant quarantine units of Vietnam to complete the documents to soon export pomelos to the US.

According to the Department of Crop Production, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the whole country has 105,400ha of pomelos, with an output of nearly 950 thousand tons; in which the Red River Delta has nearly 13,000 hectares with an output of over 170,000 tons; Northern midland and mountainous area has more than 30,000ha with output of 220 thousand tons; The Mekong Delta has about 32,000 hectares with an output of about 340,000 tons…

Particularly from now until the first quarter of 2022, the whole country will harvest about 140,000 tons of pomelo. This will be a good opportunity for Vietnamese pomelos to soon conquer the US market.

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