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The Ministry of Agriculture will provide retroactive support to fishermen, of an amount of NIS 3 million, for the shutdown

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26 August 2022, Israel: With the aim of ensuring a proper reproduction process, without interruption and placing a generation of fish fry offspring in the Mediterranean Sea during the breeding season for the benefit of preserving the fish resource in Israel, this year as well, the Ministry of Agriculture announced the shutdown of fishing in the Mediterranean Sea. This year, the period of the fishing ban due to the breeding season, applied from May 1, 2022 to June 30, 2022. This ban was established starting in 2016, after it was found that the fishing resource off our coasts is depleting and the improvement of the situation requires controlled and regulated fishing in order to safeguard fishing and protect the ecological balance at sea and this for our sake and for the sake of future generations.

In order to support the professional fishing community in the fishing methods that were prohibited during these periods, even though this shutdown is also for their benefit in view of the improvement of the natural situation in the sea and the improvement of the conditions for the prosperity of local fishing, it was also decided this year on an outline of ex gratia support. 
The Ministry emphasizes that the support does not constitute compensation for damage allegedly caused to fishermen due to the fishing ban or a commitment to provide support in additional cases or in the future.

The scope of support for every professional fisherman or holder of a professional license for a fishing vessel, who will meet the conditions listed in the procedure, will be in accordance with uniform rules and will amount to NIS 6,000. The existence of this support emphasizes the need to uphold the ban, so that the schools of parent fish will reproduce during this period and thus the fishing public and consumers will benefit from the prosperity of fish in the years to come.

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