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the Minister for Rural Affairs in a Meeting With Lantmännen and Spendrups – About Sustainable Innovation, Increased Food Production and Strengthened Preparedness

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17 May 2024, Sweden: Minister for Rural Affairs Peter Kullgren visited Lantmännen’s future farm in Bjertorp. Spendrups and Lantmännen presented different ways to develop Swedish food production, drive a sustainable transition and propose measures to make Swedish agriculture as strong, profitable and robust as possible.  

“It was gratifying to meet Peter Kullgren again, not least where exciting things are happening – on our farm of the future. The meeting was a good opportunity to show practical examples of our innovation work with the aim of increasing food production in a sustainable way. We also reiterated the importance of increased cooperation between business and politics to achieve the food strategy goals and meet the sustainability goals. It is possible to achieve the goals, but it involves investments that are too large for the farmers themselves to bear,” says Claes Johansson, Head of Sustainability at Lantmännen.  

Since 2022, Lantmännen has collaborated with Spendrups on the cultivation of malting barley according to Climate & Nature, a cultivation program that includes methods to streamline agriculture, reduce climate impact and promote biodiversity.  

“Breweries and agriculture have worked together for thousands of years and we are proud to be part of developing the agriculture of the future. It is important that food producers and farmers work together to develop more sustainable food production and in a larger perspective to contribute to Sweden’s sustainability goals,” says Anna Lidström, Head of Sustainability at Spendrups.  

Carl-Fredrik Svederberg, Chairman of Lantmännen’s Skaraborg district, also attended the meeting, who gave practical insight into the everyday life of agriculture – including its opportunities with new technology and challenges in the form of increasing costs.

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