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The High-Load Formulation Approach Benefits the Planet

04 May 2023, Australia: Farming is vital, providing us with the necessary resources and produce to sustain life. While striving to meet the demands of the world’s growing population, it’s crucial to combine the farmers’ needs with more sustainable practice.  This mindset is the foundation for our High-Load products’innovative approach, that provides powerful co-formulations in significantly less packaging.  

Our experts have utilized the power of advanced formulation technology platforms to optimize the efficacy of ADAMA’s industry-leading portfolio of active ingredients – to produce super-concentrated, High-Load products in smaller units, delivering savings from factory to field. As a result, the High-Load range is delivered without compromises in storage stability or field performance – while delivering significant reductions in waste, packaging, and transport. 

The ADAMA Australia High-Load project has introduced 25 new super-concentrated formulations to the market. Since 2020, the project has resulted in the reduction of 10.8 million liters of crop protection volume. This equates to 1 million fewer 10L drums needed, 3 million fewer labels, 541 fewer trucks on the road reducing CO2 emissions and 32,000 fewer pallets – with reductions in plastic wrapping and cardboard shippers too. 

The High-Load formulations also provide safer practices for farmers with less contact leading to less exposure, reduced manual handling and waste disposal after use. ADAMA’s High-Load formulation products are beneficial to people, production, and the planet.

 “The High-Load project has had a profound effect in reducing the environmental footprint of ADAMA Australia while simultaneously increasing our capacity to meet the growing demand for ADAMA products across our regions,” said Steve Scott, Country Manager ADAMA Australia.  “As demand grows, High-Load formulations mean less packaging, transport and waste, while powering our sustainable growth for the future.”

Stuart Moncrieff, Marketing Manager of ADAMA Australia, added: “Farmers and distributors benefit from the ADAMA range of 25 High-Load formulations through reduced application rates and therefore handling and storing less crop protection volume. The High-Load strategy ticks all the boxes, allowing us to meet market challenges sustainably and reduce our environmental footprint, while serving the needs of our partners.”

Building on the success of the current High-Load portfolio, ADAMA Australia is planning to launch an additional 12 new High-Load products to market over the next five years.

Looking forward, ADAMA has recently patented Sesgama™️ a new proprietary High-Load Formulation Technology that will benefit farmers and growers as High-Load is expanded to new markets across the globe. Sesgama™️ enables High-Load suspensions, suspensions in salt solutions and suspo-emulsions, providing ADAMA with a compelling sustainability tool.

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