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SY INSITOR is the hard feed wheat for Scotland

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13 July 2021, Scotland: Whilst the market for hard feed wheat remains relatively small in Scotland, there are mixed farms and demand for feed mills. Research has shown that hard endosperm is favoured for feed purposes for the gut health and productivity of farm animals.

SY INSITOR is a very strong choice for Scotland. With yield being one of the most attractive traits for a hard group 4, SY INSITOR fits well being the highest yielding variety in the North. It is also the highest yielding option on light land, making it an excellent choice for those Scottish growers on lighter land in the key arable regions.

We believe the light land performance is likely to be associated with its aggressive early root development. This may be of value in challenging Scottish conditions where variety resilience is tested. The root development can be further enhanced by VIBRANCE Duo seed treatment which has been proven to boost the root growth of SY INSITOR.

Grain quality is a key feature and SY INSITOR brings excellent specific weight of 78.4 kg/hl combined with a high Hagberg falling number. Importantly for the North, SY INSITOR has moderate maturity and will utilise the longer hours of sunshine to continue feeding the grain.

With the recent loss of chlorothalonil and continued variable weather patterns, making it more difficult to time fungicide applications, there is more and more focus on varieties that have inherently high Septoria tritici resistance. SY INSITOR has a robust 6.8 resistance rating helping give some flexibility to management.

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SY INSITOR is a strong first and second wheat option and has no regional restrictions. If looking for a hard feed in Scotland, this should be your number one choice.

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