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Strengthening public-private partnership in rice sector development

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08 March 2023, VN: On the afternoon of the 3rd March, in Can Tho City, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development announced the decision to set up a group of public-private partnership (PPP) of Vietnam rice sector, and at the same time, discussed with the partner about strategic orientation of this working group in the near future.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, agriculture in general, the rice sector in particular, is changing production and trade to become a transparent, responsible and sustainable system, reducing emissions and pushing smart agriculture adapting to climate change. In particular, the project of 1 million hectares specializes in high quality rice farming, reducing emissions is under research.

The public-private partnership group committed to converting Vietnam’s rice industry from competition on price to competition in quality, nutrition and sustainability; to shift gradually to a multi -value integrated agriculture associated with tourism development through strengthening production links with farmers, strengthening the ability to meet the requirements of the market and promote the ability to access to retail distribution channels in different markets.

At the seminar, delegates from international organizations discussed cooperation and sharing experiences in emmission reduction of rice production; The project of empowering women in rice production models adapting to climate change, applying new farming process … in order to improve the efficiency and quality, increase income for farmers .

The establishment of the working group of public-private partnership is essential and timely to contribute to the implementation of Vietnam’s commitments and improve the added value of rice through the value chain. Along with that, increasing investment attraction and enhancing modernization of agricultural and food systems through the application of technology and innovation connections to benefit Vietnamese farmers and agriculture

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