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SEK 25 Million for the Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems of the Future From the Lantmännen Research Foundation

22 June 2024, Sweden: This year’s open call from the Lantmännen Research Foundation starts today, Tuesday 18 June. The Foundation welcomes project applications from researchers in the priority areas of Agriculture & machinery, Food & health, and Bioenergy & green materials. 

Since 1986, the Lantmännen Research Foundation has invested in research throughout the entire agricultural value chain, from farm to fork, with the aim of increased productivity, food security and robust food systems, as well as reduced environmental impact from agriculture, with the aim of climate neutrality by 2050. 

This year’s open call starts on Tuesday 18 June, with an application period until 30 September 2024. The Foundation’s specific priorities are presented in call texts for three focus areas: Agriculture & machinery, Food & health, and Bioenergy & green materials. 

“For us, new knowledge and new innovations are vital to create a more sustainable and profitable agricultural and food production. It is only together that we can solve the challenges, and we look forward to applications that will contribute to the transition,” says Helena Fredriksson, Head of Research at the Lantmännen Research Foundation. 

The research foundation focuses primarily on practically applicable research.   

Priority areas 

Agriculture & machinery

In the field of agriculture, applications are requested that can contribute new knowledge and innovation, for example in the areas of sustainable intensification of crop production with a focus on cropping systems and inputs, the right quality of cereals and other crops, and profitable and sustainable Swedish animal husbandry.  

Food & health

In the food sector, applications are being sought that can contribute to the development of the innovative foods of the future. This can be achieved through increased knowledge about the health effects of cereals and legumes, flour and baking quality with a specific focus on whole grains, and new food ingredients with grains or legumes in the base. 

Bioenergy & green materials

In the area of bioenergy and green materials, applications are requested that can contribute to increased refinement of agricultural raw materials and side streams such as starch, wheat bran, bioethanol and distillery. Research on renewable fuels and fuel components, chemicals, oils, green adhesives and packaging materials is of particular interest.  

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