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Seipasa presents its new podcast Agriculture, innovation and change

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19 October 2022, Mexico: Seipasa, a Spanish company specialized in the development, formulation and manufacture of bioinsecticides, biofungicides, biostimulants and fertilizers, has announced the launch of its new podcast called Agriculture, innovation and change.

The series was created with the aim of delving into the treatments, tools, techniques and processes that are transforming agriculture through the voice of the main players.

Agriculture, innovation and change represents a new commitment in Seipasa’s content strategy, which seeks to diversify its offer in the digital ecosystem through increasingly specialized and high-value content for the public of the agricultural sector.

The series is presented and directed by Javier Puchades, Seipasa’s marketing communications manager.

“Agriculture, innovation and change is an agricultural outreach product that focuses on knowledge agriculture, its tools, solutions and alternatives to solve the problems and needs of farmers”, said Mr. Puchades.

“We want this series to be a very intersecting journey towards all those processes that are transforming the sector, from technology to legislation or the application of new treatments and strategies in the field. And all of this from a sustainable, rational, human and, above all, innovative point of view, which are the values that define our business model”, said Seipasa’s marketing communications manager.

A new tool for the agricultural sector

“With this new podcast we aim to connect not only with the new generations of farmers, but with the entire sector as a whole. Today’s farmer is clearly a professional 4.0, so we intend to provide them with an additional tool to add to their expertise and which, in addition, has the advantage of being on-demand, free, digital and easy to listen to in any context and situation.

The first chapter, called The Value of What You Cannot See, focuses on the treatments applied in the field after harvest to ensure the accumulation of reserves for the following season. It does so with the participation of two experts in the field, Javier Nácher, technical director of Seipasa, and Carlos López, technical director of the company in Mexico and LATAM. The chapter is now available through IVOOX.

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