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Safeguarding Indian Agriculture: The Urgent Need to Eradicate Counterfeit Agrochemicals

12 June 2024, New Delhi: On World Anti-Counterfeiting Day 2024, K.C. Ravi, Chairman of CropLife India, issued a clarion call to address the significant threat posed by counterfeit and illegal agrochemicals in the country.

KC Ravi, Chairman, CropLife India

“Counterfeit and illegal agrochemicals pose a significant threat that must be addressed and eradicated,” warned Ravi. “They jeopardize farmers’ health and crops, while also endangering entire farms and ecosystems.”

The distribution of these illicit agricultural inputs not only undermines the livelihoods of farmers but also poses a grave risk to the delicate balance of the environment. Ravi emphasized the need for a concerted effort to tackle this issue, stating, “We renew our dedication to protecting rural livelihoods, preserving the environment, and fostering innovation by taking decisive action against the distribution of counterfeit and illicit agrochemicals.”

To address this pressing concern, Ravi highlighted the critical role of government interventions. “Strengthening regulatory frameworks and their implementation, along with increasing awareness among farmers about counterfeit products, is imminent,” he said.

Ravi further stressed the importance of collaboration between government bodies, industry stakeholders, and law enforcement agencies to effectively combat the distribution of illicit agricultural inputs. “This collaborative approach is crucial to safeguarding the future of Indian agriculture and ensuring the well-being of our farmers and the environment,” he added.

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