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REECAP network awarded prize for Agri-Environmental Innovation

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08 April 2022, UK: The Research Network on Economic Experiments for the Common Agricultural Policy (REECAP), which aims to create bridges across evaluation communities and encourage knowledge exchange with policy makers, has been awarded the annual Center for Behavioural & Experimental Agri-Environmental Research (CBEAR) Prize for Agri-Environmental Innovation.

REECAP, an EU-wide network founded in 2017, has been given the CBEAR prize for their leadership bringing together researchers, evaluators and policy makers interested in the use of economic experimental approaches for more evidence-based policy design and evaluation. In doing so, REECAP wishes to contribute to the improvement of the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).

Laure Kuhfuss, a research scientist at the James Hutton Institute’s Social, Economic and Geographical Sciences department has been a board member of REECAP since 2019 said: “It has been a privilege to work with REECAP board members to promote the use of experimental approaches for the evaluation of agricultural policies, and I join the other board members in thanking C-BEAR for awarding us their Prize for Agri-Environmental Innovation.

“With the agricultural policy transition on its way in Scotland, it is a stimulating time to engage in discussions and to advance knowledge on the tools and methods that can be used to enhance agricultural policy design and evaluation, which is at the core of REECAP’s missions and of the Institute’s science challenges.”

Marianne Lefebvre, the chair of the network said, on behalf of the REECAP board: “We are very honoured that our Research network on economic experiments for the Common Agricultural Policy (REECAP) is considered as a leader in the field of behavioural sciences and experimental design to improve programs related to agriculture and the environment. For such a young organisation as REECAP, receiving the CBEAR prize is a recognition of what the network can do to support researchers and decision makers. It is a strong encouragement to continue our efforts to bring experimental methods into agricultural policy analysis. We would like to warmly thank CBEAR’s selection committee for this prize.”

REECAP’s objective is to contribute to the constant improvement of European agricultural policies by providing robust evidence on the net impact of interventions, but also by helping to design well-adjusted and effective policy interventions, in the fields, amongst others, of income support, investment policies, risk management and agri-environment including climate change.

As a result, REECAP is able to identify and evaluate policies which are well accepted by farmers, improve the effectiveness of public money spending and yield to more satisfactory outcomes for food consumers and citizens.

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