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Potato Industy Event Harrogate UK (24th to 25th November)

27 August 2021, UK: The NUCROP team will be presenting at the Yorkshire Event Centre 24th to 25th November

If you cannot make it to England, you may want to follow the latest developments at our video channel at youtube 

The NUCROP solution is a step forward for alternative crop desiccation. We provide a safe and reliable organic solution to get your potato harvest-ready. The technology developed by combines an organic liquid activator (volt.fuel) and an electric treatment (volt.apply). This combination allows a fast and economic viable treatment of your crops. Application width of 12 m and more allow quick and cheap treatments.

In the first path the volt.apply system opens the potato crop. In a secondary treatment 3-6 days later, the plant gets fully desiccated and harvest-ready.
Independent parties have positivly checked the potato quality after treatment, as well as the ecotoxicology footprint of this new technology

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