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Pessl Instrument launches new module within FieldClimate’s FarmView – Yield Prediction

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15 December 2022, Austria: The Yield Prediction Module will help optimise fertilizer inputs by knowing water-limited yield expectation.

Yield Prediction module – helping you understand the effectiveness of your field activities

Precision-farming technologies help farmers boost their crop’s quality, save valuable resources and reduce the environmental impact, all at the same time. But how can they estimate the potential of their field from season to season? Yield prediction is one among the most important yet challenging tasks farmers face. It not only affects the profitability of an individual farm but food security on a global scale as well.

Based on needs and expectations from farmers, Pessl Instruments improves FieldClimates capabilities on a regular basis. The newest module provides an estimate of crop yield at harvest based on water availability. The prediction is available any time before, during and after the growth period. Thanks to this innovative approach, the farmer will now be able to adjust important management decisions during the growing season – from irrigation, to pesticide use and fertilizer application in order to achieve the final goal – profitable yield.

Who is Yield prediction for and how can one start using it?

Yield prediction is a great tool for anyone who aims for optimum, profitable crop production. The basic setup requires only three simple settings: crop, sowing date, and expected harvest date. If required, more detailed settings of initial soil moisture and soil type can be modified to further improve yield prediction results.

With yield prediction you:

  • get a current season’s yield prediction in relation to a yield prediction based on long-term precipitation averages
  • see if this season’s yield is likely to beat or fall below long-term average
  • get a convenient way to keep track of the crop yield performance
  • get help to improve 4R management – right source, rate, time and place for executing field activities

The yield prediction module is based on a combination of

  • in-field data, measured with a data logger/weather station
  • forecast precipitation that can be obtained with weather forecast license
  • the user’s management and soil settings.

It is currently available for wheat, barley, and canola. Further crops will follow, including soybean, maize, and durum wheat. You can learn more about the module, how to set it and how it works in the manual.

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