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Peanut Shellers Consider Seed Treatment Options for 2022

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27 May 2021, UK: Trebuset® seed treatment, a recently registered product from Syngenta, was featured at a meeting with shellers this week in Blakely, Georgia, to discuss peanut disease management.

Powered by Adepidyn® technology, which also is found in Miravis® fungicide, Trebuset seed treatment brings a trusted active ingredient to the seed treatment market. Peanut growers across the country have experienced the broad-spectrum, highly efficacious impact of Adepidyn technology on their production capability. As a seed treatment, Adepidyn fills a void.

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“Peanut growers in the Southeast struggled the last two years to overcome early-season disease impacts,” says Steven Patton, product lead with Syngenta Seedcare. “Our goal at Syngenta is to develop a product that will give growers the strong stands and peace of mind that are essential when they’re trying to plant multiple crops across the geographically spaced fields that so many growers manage.” 

Peanut growers in the Southeast especially operate under heavy disease pressure.

“With a strong disease package on the seed, growers can get the stand they need to help deliver higher yields,” Patton says. “We want to support that effort with a product that meets their needs and meeting with shellers helps us deliver on that commitment.”

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