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Patrick Aulin proposed as new member of Lantmännen’s Board of Directors

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22 February 2023, Sweden: The Lantmännen Board currently comprises Per Lindahl, Chairman, Jan Ehrensvärd, Vice Chairman and directors Gunilla Aschan, Jenny Bengtsson, Sonat Burman-Olsson, Johan Bygge, Jan-Erik Hansson, Henrik Wahlberg and Per Wijkander as well as three employee representatives.

Ahead of the Association Annual Meeting, 3 May 2023, the Nomination Committee proposes the re-election of Per Lindahl, Gunilla Aschan, Jenny Bengtsson and Johan Bygge as well as the election of Patrick Aulin as a new director. Sitting director Henrik Wahlberg has announced that he does not seek re-election. The other directors are elected until 2024. The Nomination Committee also proposes the re-election of elected auditors Kristina Glantz Nilsson and Jimmy Grinsvall, and the election of Ann-Sofie Ignell as new auditor. Maude Fyrenius has announced that she does not seek re-election.

“Patrick Aulin is passionate about a sustainable farming and has got a long-term concern for our planet, crop cultivation and questions regarding food supply systems, as well as a strong commitment to Lantmännen and its members. His knowledge and commitment would be a great asset in the work within Lantmännen’s Board of Directors,” says Inge Erlandson, Chairman of the Nomination Committee.

Patrick Aulin, who has been an elected Lantmännen official since 2013, is 50 years old and manages an extensive farming enterprise of about 600 hectares in Lilla Kungsladugården, Nyköping, together with his father. Apart from the crop lands, the enterprise covers residential and business properties, contracting and forestry.

The elections will take place at the Lantmännen Association Annual Meeting to be held on Thursday 3 May at Hilton Hotel, Slussen in Stockholm.

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