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Opening the 18th Vietnam Craft Village and OCOP Products Fair

08 November 2022, Vietnam: The 18th Vietnam Craft Village and OCOP Products Fair and the 2022 Vietnam Handicrafts Contest are two prime activities in the series of seven activities of the event “Vietnam Craft Village Festival 2022” hosted by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD). The fair takes place at the Exhibition – Economic and Commercial Transactions Area (No. 489, Hoang Quoc Viet, Cau Giay, Hanoi).

The 18th Vietnam Craft Village and OCOP Products Fair is an annual event of the agriculture and rural development sector organized. The fair creates an open space to promote and commend traditional craft villages, artisans and skilled workers with typical products; introduce unique models of craft villages and craft streets across the country; create connections to consume OCOP products and local specialties through traditional and modern consumption channels; attract investment, encourage the development of cultural tourism and rural industries; restore and develop tradition professions, promote national identity; strengthen the link between the value chain from production to consumption, develop sustainable and environment-friendly products; raise awareness and promote the winning products of the Vietnam Handicrafts Contest.

To make it more convenient for visitors to visit and trade, the fair booth is divided into 3 separate areas:

The general exhibition booth with an area of 200m2 is located at the center of the fair. The area is specially designed and decorated to display and honor traditional craft villages such as fine art jewelry (gold, silver, copper, three-metal mosaic inlay); ceramics, crystal glass making; mosaic carving from stone, wood, horn, lacquer; rattan and bamboo leaves knitting; silk embroidery and brocade weaving. This area displays outstanding handicraft products that win prizes at the 2022 Vietnam Handicrafts Contest and serves as a place to honor typical national-level 4-5 star OCOP products.

The booth area includes 150 standard booths on 900 m2 of display floor, which is divided into 6 subdivisions following socio-economic zoning: Northern Midlands and Mountains; Red River Delta; North Central and Central Coast; Western Highlands; Southeast and Mekong Delta. In each subdivision, a separate booth area will be arranged for localities, organizations and units to directly display and introduce products; create a space to introduce and promote products as well as local culture; experience and taste regional specialties.

A variety of agricultural, forestry and fishery products, food, regional specialty fruits and handicrafts from traditional craft villages and craft streets throughout the country will be on display. Products participating in the exhibition are guaranteed to have a clear origin, are protected with geographical indications, meet OCOP standards of 3 stars or more and have organic certifications.

The traditional craft demonstration and art performance area is 100 m2 wide and specially decorated with typical images of Vietnamese villages. The Organizing Committee, in collaboration with localities, organizations and associations, will invite a number of renowned artisans to perform traditional crafts such as fine woodwork, embroidery, silk weaving, conical hat making, pottery, and bronze crafting.

The Organizing Committee also invites artisans who are winners at the 2022 Vietnam Handicrafts Contest to participate in the demonstrations and product introductions. A number of localities will also organize signature art and culture introduction programs during the fair.

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