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NVT notification service streamlines grower access to trial results

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26 October 2022, AU: Gaining access to independent, analysed crop yield data from the National Variety Trials (NVT) program has never been faster, with the launch of an email notification service, alerting growers to new results as soon as they are published online.

The GRDC NVT program launched the notification service this month, which informs growers when they can access the yield data from trials in their region, or any region they are interested in.

The service will also encourage growers to interact with the NVT website more and increase awareness of the extensive varietal information available to them to help make more informed planting decisions.

GRDC’s NVT Systems Manager, Neale Sutton says the service was developed on the back of grower feedback and the need to streamline the process of alerting growers when the results are available for them to use.

“The notification service allows growers to customise what information they receive from the NVT program,” he says.

“At the start of the season, they can select which trials they’re interested in seeing and register to receive an email as soon as the results are published.

“The idea of this notification service was to increase the accessibility to NVT, eliminating any lag time between the results being uploaded and growers having access to them, increasing NVT’s timeliness to the people who use the program most.

“Currently, we are uploading site results as quickly as 13 days after harvest.

“We can minimise growers’ waiting time with this service by simply notifying them that the results are available.”

The notification service will alert users twice for each trial. The first when single site analysis results are available, which provide a descriptive insight into what occurred at the site in the current year and give growers an initial snapshot of how varieties performed at that site.

Growers will then receive an additional alert when the more important MET analysis results are available. These results provide a more accurate and reliable prediction of future variety performance and are the best resource for variety selection.

Mr Sutton said the service will allow for timely access to independent, analysed yield data that can help growers make more informed varietal selections based on how certain varieties performed in environments similar to their production system.

“This is about providing growers with independent results to help them boost their profitability quicker than ever,” he says.

“Instead of growers having to keep checking our site to see whether any yield results are available, we’ll now send them an automated email the moment the data becomes live.

“It’s user friendly and customisable, allowing growers to select as many sites and crop types they want information on and receiving an alert with a link as soon as we have it.”

Anyone can register to receive alerts from the NVT notification service via the NVT website. A QR code has also been provided so users can easily register via their phones.

NVT is the largest co-ordinated field trial network of its kind in the world and is administered by GRDC on behalf of Australian grain growers and the Australian Government.

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