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Ministry of Agriculture inspectors uncovered 180 kg of sausages in the city of Rahat

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20 January 2021, Israel: The Ministry reiterates the importance of purchasing food products in original, closed and clean packaging, with a label and indication of the production and expiration dates.Even over the course of the lock down, the inspectors of the Central Investigation and Enforcement Unit at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development continue to uncover attempts to smuggle and sell food products that pose a real risk to public health.

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During their ongoing operations, the unit’s inspectors discovered a food distribution warehouse in Rahat. The warehouse served as a distribution center for various foods and  products, such as salads and detergents. They were suspicious, and decided to inspect the warehouse, and did indeed find, in one of the refrigerators, 180 kg of packages of sausages of various sizes, with labels indicating that they originated from Ramallah and Jericho in the Palestinian Authority, and were apparently smuggled into Israel in violation of the law.

The suspect, who is in his 40s and is a resident of Rahat, was arrested and detained for questioning. All of the sausage packages were destroyed according to an order issued by a physician.Roy Kliger, Director of the Central Investigation and Enforcement Unit at the Ministry of Agriculture: “The Ministry takes each and every case of smuggling of food products from the Palestinian Authority and unsupervised sale of meat very seriously. Consumption of food originating in the Palestinian Authority may pose a real danger to public health.

Therefore, we work around the clock, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day to prevent these attempts.”The Ministry of Agriculture stresses the importance of purchasing food products at known and orderly points of sale that are under supervision. In addition, the Ministry asks the public to be cautious and only purchase products in their original packaging, that is sealed, clean and labeled with the name of the distributor, manufacturer, date of production and expiration date.

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