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MARA ordered to act against swine fever

26 October 2022, China: The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs said its general office has issued a notice asking authorities to enhance efforts to control African swine fever and other major swine-related diseases this autumn and winter. 

The notice requires authorities to pay special attention to prevention and control as gradually falling temperatures heighten the risk of the spread of the diseases. 

Authorities should make full efforts to vaccinate pigs, and continue strict monitoring, sterilization and quarantine measures to contain African swine fever. Companies and individuals in related businesses are also required to follow laws, regulations and technical norms, upgrade equipment and improve management to guard against infections. 

Authorities should also train companies and individuals, including veterinarians at the grassroots level, to help them master disease-prevention skills. 

The notice also tasked authorities with curbing the spread of other livestock and poultry diseases, such as brucellosis and the highly pathogenic avian flu.

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