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Lantmännens “From Field to Fork” scholarship goes to a thesis on data-sharing technology to facilitate farmers’ sustainability work

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28 May 2024, Sweden: The “From Field to Fork” scholarship is awarded annually and is part of Lantmännen’s collaboration with students at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) and the Ultuna Student Union. The scholarship aims to reward their students and alumni for work that contributes to the development of Sweden’s agricultural businesses in a profitable and sustainable manner. 

This year’s winners of Lantmännens “From Field to Fork” scholarship are Annie Emilsson and Martin Fornander for their thesis “The Impact of Data-Sharing Technology on Farmers’ Sustainability Work.” 

“We are pleased to award this prestigious scholarship to Annie and Martin, who through their commitment and studies have shown a strong passion for the future and sustainability of agriculture,” says Patrik Myrelid, Director Group Strategy at Lantmännen. 

“Securing Swedish farmers’ ownership and control of their data and enabling the exchange and reporting of this data as a basis for creating productivity, profitability, and sustainability is one of the most strategic topics in Swedish agriculture. This is highlighted in the thesis in a very commendable way by the scholarship recipients,” says Patrik Myrelid. 

Annie and Martin both grew up and worked on farms, which laid the foundation for their shared interest in agriculture. This interest led them to SLU Ultuna, where they studied agricultural economics. After graduating in 2023, Annie started working as a management consultant, and Martin as an agricultural manager. 

“Our thesis on the impact of data-sharing technology on agricultural companies’ sustainability efforts felt relevant for the scholarship but, above all, for the agricultural industry, and I am both proud and happy that Lantmännen also sees it that way,” says Annie Emilsson. 

“I am very happy about this accolade. The attention can help spread our insights and promote innovative solutions for sustainability and profitability within the Swedish agricultural sector,” says Martin Fornander. 

The study concludes that farmers have improved their sustainability efforts by using data-sharing technology, although it is not entirely certain that this technology alone has driven the improvements. However, the ability to collect and store data in a system has generated an overall understanding of the farm’s data and sustainability performance, and the study contributes to a deeper understanding of data-sharing technology in agriculture and its connection to sustainability.  


Motivation. The scholarship recipients have commendably identified a relevant topic in their master’s thesis, highlighting the critical connection between sustainability and digitalization in agriculture. The study addresses the challenges that farmers face in implementing more sustainable methods, reducing environmental impact, meeting the needs of a growing population, and simultaneously utilizing new digital solutions and data sharing. 

The committee believes that the scholarship recipients, through their work, have significantly contributed to increased knowledge and a deeper understanding of the importance – from field to fork – of data-sharing technology in agriculture as an essential parameter for the development of more sustainable methods and increased profitability within agriculture. 

Scholarship Committee. The committee includes the following members: the chairman, secretary, inspector, and industry liaison of ULS (Ultuna Student Union), as well as two representatives from Lantmännen. 

Thesis. Annie Emilsson’s and Martin Fornander’s master’s thesis can be downloaded here. 

Photos. Collection from the event can be found in Lantmännens image library.  

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