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Kennedy Spraying Services First To Adopt MagGrow Spray Technology In South Australia

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19 February 2021, Ireland: Andrew Kennedy of Kennedy Spraying Services, Mt Gambier adopts pioneering spray technology, MagGrow through SST GPS. With conventional crop spraying, approximately 70% of crop protection products do not reach the intended target, resulting in drift, runoff, wasted input materials and cost. The MagGrow system delivers a more consistent spray profile, resulting in higher levels of pesticide coverage within the plant canopy. This allows growers to achieve higher coverage while using their current application rate, or the same coverage using a lower application rate.

The patented, proprietary technology passes pesticides through magnetic fields under appropriate flow conditions and changes the physical properties of the fluid. This delivers both superior spray drift control and crop coverage. Increased spray coverage performance can range from 20% to well over a 100% compared to conventional spraying. The MagGrow system consists of two main components with no moving parts, no electrical parts, virtually no maintenance and is compatible with any sprayer brand and boom width.

Andrew Kennedy commented “I can immediately see the benefits MagGrow has delivered to the spray application. The system has greatly reduced drift, increased coverage and increased the productivity of my spraying practices. This enables better crop protection for our growers, delivering greater disease and pest control leading to better crop health. MagGrow will also provide greater compliance towards increasingly stricter environmental legislation.”

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Jack Kavanagh, MagGrow Business Development Manager Australasia commented “This has been an exciting journey for MagGrow in Australia. The MagGrow system provides a real win-win for growers, allowing them to grow more while using less. MagGrow delivers greater profitability through reduced water rates, reduced inputs and greater efficiencies during spraying. MagGrow typically provides growers with a return on investment of less than one year. This in turn supports better agriculture and protects the environment. “

The unit is supplied through SST GPS Jerilderie, MagGrow Distributor for Central & Southern NSW, SA & VIC. Brad Parker, Business Development Manager with SST GPS commented. “We are delighted to partner with MagGrow on this leading cutting-edge technology. Through innovative solutions we offer our growers greater productivity, profitability and sustainability. MagGrow’s technology delivers on these three core benefits enabling farmers to drive cost efficiencies across their operations. We look forward to delivering this technology to our other customers and driving greater sustainability across Australian agriculture.”

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