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Innovation in agriculture and food system for climate

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12 May 2023, VN: The Agriculture Innovation Mission for Climate (AIM for Climate / AIM4C) Summit 2023 takes place in Washington, D.C on May 8-10.

In 2021, the United States and the United Arab Emirates launched a collaborative effort that has garnered the involvement of more than 50 nations and 500 organizations worldwide in AIM4C. Nearly 1,000 agricultural leaders, producers, civil communities, scientists, and researchers from around the world have attended this year’s event.

Over 50 countries participated in a special ministerial meeting on May 8, co-chaired by US Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack and UAE Minister of Environment and Climate Change Mariam Almheiri. The meeting followed opening sessions and technical meetings earlier in the morning. During the session, the co-chairs expressed their joy with the swift progress of the AIM4C Initiative.

In just over a year since it began, the initiative has drawn the support of 30 nations and upwards of 300 organizations. The budget allocated for activities has seen a significant increase, rising from 4 billion USD to 14 billion USD. A notable portion of the budget, over 10 billion USD, has been contributed by various countries. Countries around the world are right now evaluating a range of agricultural innovations and environmentally friendly initiatives, which have received significant attention from both the business community and the general public.

During the meeting, it was unanimously agreed upon by all participants that agriculture and food systems play a crucial role in addressing climate change and promoting global environmental sustainability. A call for a significant change in perspective has been made to view agriculture and food systems as the response, rather than the trigger, for addressing climate change.

It is imperative for countries to implement practical measures to encourage agricultural innovation in the context of climate change. According to experts, the key renewable resources for sustainable development and climate change response are a country’s political commitment and agricultural innovation. During a recent meeting, representatives from various countries reached a consensus on the inclusion of agriculture and food systems as a significant aspect of the upcoming Global Summit on Climate Change. The summit is scheduled to be held in the United Arab Emirates in November of 2023.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development was represented by Mr. Nguyen Do Anh Tuan, Director of the International Cooperation Department, at the aforementioned special session. Tuan has urged countries to promptly take action in order to revamp agriculture and food systems to combat climate change.

“We all share one planet, one health, one food system, one renewable energy and one prosperity. The Vietnamese government has made a strong commitment and concrete action to implement these commitments responsibly such as the Commitment to cutting emissions to net zero by 2050, the pledge to reduce global methane emissions, the Glasgow Declaration on Forests and Land Use,” said Tuan.

According to a representative from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Vietnam has expressed its strong support for the AIM4C program, which was jointly launched by the United States and the UAE. Additionally, Vietnam has also shown appreciation for the recent SPG initiative put forth by the United States, which aims to promote sustainable productivity growth for food security and resource conservation.

Vietnam’s adherence to sustainable development aligns with its guidelines and directions, as evidenced by its implementation of international commitments. According to Tuan, sustainable agricultural development and food security are key components of Vietnam’s Socio-Economic Development Strategy from 2021 to 2030. The country’s focus is on advancing ecological, low-emission, and climate-adaptive agriculture while also enhancing the quality of life for rural communities. The Prime Minister of Vietnam has given the green light to the “National Action Plan to Transform a Transparent, Responsible and Sustainable Food System in Vietnam by 2030.” The plan aims to achieve several goals, which include: Vietnam has demonstrated its commitment to global food sustainability by actively participating in the United Nations Food Systems Summit 2021. Additionally, the country recently hosted the 4th Global Conference on Sustainable Food System in Hanoi from April 24 to 27, 2023, which was a resounding success. Vietnam is collaborating with global partners to take a leading role in revolutionizing the food system.

During a recent meeting, the representative of Vietnam emphasized the importance of collaboration among nations and stakeholders in agricultural systems to advance innovative and climate-smart agriculture. This approach would help enhance global food security, benefitting both producers and consumers, as well as countries involved in food import and export. As the parties continue their efforts, the preservation of natural resources, biodiversity, and the reduction of carbon emissions remains a top priority

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