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HortNZ’s position on Freshwater Farm Plans

18 July 2021, New Zealand: Government policy must support the horticulture industry and not add unnecessary cost and compliance, if the industry is to deliver for New Zealand, both environmentally and economically,

The Government is consulting on freshwater farm plan regulations.  At the same time, it is getting ready to consult on greenhouse gases, through the He Waka Eka Noa Government and industry partnership. 

Freshwater farm plans are a component of integrated farm plans. 

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HortNZ believes that fruit and vegetable growers should be able to meet all these requirements through Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) schemes. 

We would like to see existing industry programmes – like GAP – built on, so that growers can meet all the Government’s freshwater and climate change requirements in the most efficient way possible.  This approach would enable growers to do what they do best – grow fresh, healthy fruit and vegetables for New Zealanders and the rest of the world. 

GAP schemes are recognised by some local government councils, for example, Environment Canterbury and Gisborne District Council. 

HortNZ’s preferred approach to compliance aligns with the Government’s objectives for the horticulture industry.  That is, help grow the New Zealand economy while helping the country meet its environmental targets through land use change to horticulture.