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GroGuru and Aqua Check Expand Partnership in Support of Farmers’ Strategic Irrigation Management Needs

GroGuru leverages AquaCheck’s world-class soil moisture and temperature monitoring technology in conjunction with the GroGuru Wireless Underground System (WUGS)

08 March 2021, California: GroGuru, Inc., an innovator in precision agriculture and site-specific soil monitoring, and AquaCheck, a market and technology leader in soil moisture and temperature measurement, jointly announced today an expansion of their strategic partnership which pairs AquaCheck’s moisture probes with the GroGuru’s wireless underground system, or WUGS, and the GroGuru® InSites Software as a Service (SaaS) for strategic irrigation management. WUGS enables the permanent installation of soil moisture probes in annual field crops like corn, soybeans and wheat. GroGuru InSites uses machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to bring farmers and agronomic consultants a simple yet powerful irrigation decision support platform.

The combined GroGuru/AquaCheck solution helps farmers more efficiently manage irrigation while saving energy, and optimally using labor to make more money by maximizing crop yield. Key inputs used by GroGuru InSites include, but are not limited to, soil moisture, stage of crop growth, weather forecast, and predicted crop water use to bring together a full irrigation scheduling suite. The AquaCheck probe is sold in a bundle to farmers and GroGuru channel partners by GroGuru.

“GroGuru InSites delivers a simple, intuitive user interface to farmers and agronomic consultants that they can access on their computer, tablet or mobile device,” said Patrick Henry, President and CEO at GroGuru. “We are excited to expand the already successful partnership with AquaCheck. The AquaCheck probe had proven to be ultra-durable and accurate over multiple growing seasons and farmers love the overall solution.”

“The partnership with GroGuru expands AquaCheck’s market reach and provides the option of our soil moisture monitoring technologies combined with the GroGuru machine learning and AI engine in the Cloud,” said Brad Rathje, Manager, AquaCheck USA. “The partnership with GroGuru is a perfect fit for broad-acre row crop farmers that prefer the permanent installation of soil moisture probes using GroGuru WUGS to the annual installation and remove model.”

“With our 5-year probe warranty customers have peace of mind,” said Arthur Pickworth, co-founder, CEO of AquaCheck. “We are all about building relationships with our partners and customers.”

GroGuru and AquaCheck continue to pursue opportunities for growth in the agriculture technology and precision irrigation sector.