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GRDC reinvests in AEGIC market intel for Australian grain growers

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09 June 2022, AU: A key market innovation and information centre for grain growers, the Australian Export Grains Innovation Centre (AEGIC), will continue increasing value in the Australian grains industry in a move designed to identify and grow our global marketing opportunities.

The Western Australian Government and the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) announced ongoing support for the centre today (June 9) at AEGIC’s Perth headquarters. Both the WA Government and GRDC have committed to investing $12 million – $3 million each, per year – in AEGIC until 2026.

Established in 2012, AEGIC is an independent, not-for-profit research organisation that gathers, analyses and shares market information with the grains industry to guide breeding, classification and supply of grain to meet key domestic and export market expectations.

The organisation has a pivotal role providing in-depth analyses of current and future economic and consumer demand trends, helping to identify solutions to challenges to Australia’s existing markets and targeting new customers in a competitive international market.

To help grow demand, AEGIC also informs and educates domestic and export markets on new potential uses for Australian grain.

GRDC Chair John Woods said the ongoing partnership between the WA Government and GRDC would allow AEGIC to continue to work with domestic and international markets to inform and create opportunities that benefitted all Australian grain growers.

“AEGIC with its main office in Perth and additional research facilities in Sydney is one of those key organisations that delivers for growers across the whole country,” Mr Woods said.

“Grain markets are dynamic and evolving. What AEGIC does is work to understand signals and drivers that are helping industry develop new markets, and differentiate Australian grain right now, as well as identify new global opportunities that will shape our future.

“Growers are looking for more markets, transparency and information, particularly from independent sources, something AEGIC has and will continue to deliver with GRDC investment.”

Mr Woods said some of AEGIC’s most impactful work in recent years included insights into the wheat quality preferences of Asian customers to guide industry decision making, diversifying markets for Australian malting barley, including India and Latin America, and securing access to the $1 billion EU canola market.

Recently, AEGIC has been working with flour millers and processors in South East Asian markets such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines to help them understand the benefits of using Australian wheat for noodles and baked products.

The organisation is also focused on stimulating demand for Australian feed grains in Asian markets and supports the Grains & Legumes Nutrition Council.

During COVID, AEGIC maintained connections with international grain customers by leading a program of virtual crop inspections and conducting ongoing technical webinars.

“AEGIC’s work involves engaging with, and forging relationships with exporters and off-shore markets and this work ultimately benefits Australian growers,” Mr Woods said.

“Their analysis and market intelligence helps our industry understand and tailor grain varieties to meet market requirements and develop new uses for existing grain products, which ultimately improves our on-farm profitability.

“Looking ahead as Australian growers look for new opportunities in pulses, oilseeds and sorghum, we will need AEGIC to provide market analysis, offer insights into opportunities and develop our understanding of customer needs.”

AEGIC Chairman Ron Storey said AEGIC had strong backing from the Australian grains industry.

“The ongoing investment from GRDC and the WA Government is a testament to the high level of support AEGIC has across the Australian grains supply chain,” he said.

“Stakeholders understand the value of AEGIC’s work and they want to see it continue. On behalf of AEGIC and the nation’s growers, I thank GRDC and the WA Government for their ongoing commitment to AEGIC.

“Congratulations also to AEGIC’s hardworking team of market experts, researchers and scientists for delivering such impactful work on behalf of growers and the wider industry.”

AEGIC’s offices are staffed by leading industry experts and their facilities include research laboratories, pilot mill, pilot bakery and commercial analytical laboratories.

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