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Gowan Takes Isagro S.P.A Private and begins Integration into Gowan

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10 August 2022, Arizona: Gowan Company announces the finalization of the purchase of Isagro S.p.A. Isagro is now a privately owned company controlled by Gowan. In the coming months, Gowan will integrate the Isagro business. The purchase expands Gowan’s commercial opportunities, deepens scientific capability and introduces chemical synthesis. With this acquisition, Gowan adds a basic position in several active  substances, including copper hydroxide/oxychloride, tetraconazole, and kiralaxyl. 

Juli Jessen, Chief Executive Officer of Gowan Group, said, “Since we aligned with Isagro eight years ago, Gowan’s field development and face-to-market have built on Isagro’s manufacturing and scientific skills to address specific needs on the farm. Now as one group, we enthusiastically welcome the opportunity to communicate and create these seamlessly.”   

Gowan remains headquartered in Yuma, Arizona.

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