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First-ever Field Forged Series™ to provide farmers with elite hybrids and varieties for 2022 season

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02 March 2021, USA: Farmer success starts with seed performance, which is driven by strong agronomics and innovative product development. The new Field Forged Series™ from NK® Seeds, coming this fall, is built on those two core pillars. The inaugural lineup will feature a number of proven hybrids and varieties as well as the latest portfolio additions to come out of the Syngenta Seeds pipeline.

The series will include 10 new NK corn hybrids, four new Enogen® corn hybrids and 20 new NK soybean varieties for the 2022 growing season, selected for both agronomics and yield potential.

“Fueled by Syngenta R&D, the Field Forged Series aims to bring the most innovative corn and soybean seed options to farmers to help them meet their changing needs,” said Quinn Showalter, NK head of sales. “We’ve been collecting agronomic data in the field and applying our technological capabilities in the lab to deliver these top-of-the-line genetics that produce not only the highest-yield potential, but also the healthiest crops to drive farmers’ profitability.”

Each hybrid and variety selected for the series is backed by demonstrated performance and has been tested vigorously in the field. Showalter credits ongoing investments and increased efficiencies in research and development (R&D) to helping accelerate trait introgression and hybrid commercialization.

Unmatched corn traits with improved standability

The NK corn portfolio includes high-yielding hybrids with industry-leading traits to meet a variety of needs in the field. New products in the Field Forged Series will feature advanced Agrisure Duracade®, Agrisure Viptera® and Agrisure Artesian® traits, which protect genetic yield potential and offer premium above- and below-ground insect control in hybrids.

“With the latest in seed technology, the lineup of NK products for the Field Forged Series is more competitive than ever, bringing forward our strongest agronomic packages to drive winning yields,” said Joe Bollman, NK corn product manager. “We’ve applied the latest technology to create hybrids that are backed by agronomic data to ensure results in the field — no matter the conditions.”

At the heart of developing new hybrids is Syngenta Seeds’ proprietary Stalk Crusher™ Technology, which measures stalk strength for improved standability. With more than 500,000 stalks measured, NK has cultivated a 40% increase in field data points — enabling NK to double corn stalk integrity predictions, which supports smarter breeding for better standing hybrids.

Farmers can expect 26 total NK hybrids in the Field Forged Series for the 2022 growing season. Plus, NK retailers will have access to six Enogen corn hybrids, unique products that add value for farmers who produce grain or silage for livestock feed or market grain to ethanol plants.

Proprietary soybean genetics with in-demand trait choice

The Field Forged Series introduces a step-change in innovation for NK soybeans — with varieties that pair the latest, most desired traits with proven, proprietary NK genetics. The product lineup will include the launch of proprietary Enlist E3® Soybean varieties and proprietary XtendFlex® varieties.

“Each Field Forged Series product has been hand-selected for the consistent performance farmers expect and rely on,” said Eric Miller, NK soybean product manager. “Not only does our trait portfolio offer industry leading herbicide trait choice, but now, with the Field Forged Series, we’re adding in the power of our proprietary genetics to help deliver strong yields in even the toughest of growing conditions.”

State-of-the-art trait conversion capabilities at Syngenta have accelerated soybean seed development, enabling NK to bring the most desirable trait packages to market year after year.

The NK breeding program is built on over 50 years of experience to produce seeds with the most in-demand features for whole-farm return on investment, Miller said. And, thanks to ongoing investments in R&D, NK breeders have been able to provide characteristics to combat key challenges, including sclerotinia white mold, soybean cyst nematode and Sudden Death Syndrome tolerance, for the new varieties.

Committed to innovation for farmers  

Syngenta is committed to accelerating innovation in Seeds R&D while strengthening its focus on delivering new capabilities through investments in breeding and digital technologies.

Scientists at Syngenta and NK have access to resources to bring the best products and technologies to solve the key problems that growers face, including innovative Hi-Edit™ Technology. Facilities such as the Syngenta trait introgression sites in Nampa, Idaho, and Clinton, Illinois, enable NK to accelerate seed development — reducing the path to commercial varieties to as few as three years.

In addition, the NK Seed Analyzer taps into decades of data to provide unbiased, field-specific product recommendations.

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