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Episode Market Development Agronomists Matt Willis and Craig White talk about the field trial program right around Australia

19 September 2021, Australia: Matt and Craig explain how the field trial work is performing and what we are learning from small and large area (20-100ha) plot trials, in particular Mateno® Complete herbicide. This herbicide is currently under development by Bayer for grass and broadleaf weed control in wheat and barley, with flexible Incorporated by Sowing (IBS) or Early Post Emergence (EPE) application (wheat only EPE) timings depending on the crop. 

They delve into Early Post Emergence timing and the benefits this provides including the ability to control early, competitive weeds emerging across the soil surface profile (in-furrow, on furrow shoulder, in inter-row) and longer residual control period into the season. Mateno Complete contains three-complementary active ingredients, including group 32 that is new and unique mode of action in Australia (aclonifen (group 32) + pyroxasulfone (group 15) + diflufenican (group 12).

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We will be showing Mateno Complete trials and other trials throughout Australia in 2021, and there is sure to be a trial or demonstration in a paddock near you. Get in touch with the team, or your local Bayer agent to find out what’s going on in your area.

A major field day will be held at Esperance in conjunction with AHRI (Australian Herbicide Resistance Initiative) on 6th October. All welcome.

It’s springtime, the wildflowers are abundant in Western Australia. Matt quizzes Craig about how many species of plants exist in the South-West of WA? There are plenty to see:

You can access more information about Mateno Complete, including important resources, documents and videos here.

At the time of publication of this podcast, Mateno Complete is not a registered product. An application for Registration has been submitted.

We have received a lot of questions about application timing for Prosaro® or Aviator® Xpro® It is important to check the label for withholding periods (WHPs) and be sure not to apply products outside of the label advice. The primary objective of fungicide application is to “protect the yield potential that has been set-up.”

Craig catches up with Ag Crop Consultant Heath McWhirter from Summit Ag. Heath is one of the founders and developers of “Yacker” a discussion and chat platform for Agriculture, with many features to ensure quality discussion, free of trolls and some of the downfalls of other social media platforms.

Yacker really fits in well with the “Hands Free Learning philosophy of Bayer CropCast” – as busy agricultural operators are often driving along, engaged with machinery etc, Yacker allows for hand-free learning by listening directly from the app. Check out Yacker here – we will “see” you on there.

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