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EIMA Mention Award: Digital Plant Protection

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02 November 2020, Austria: We are proud to say that the jury of the EIMA technical innovation contest recognized the innovative integration of the physical weather station, weather forecast system and a tracking device and awarded us with EIMA Mention Award

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Digital Plant Protection with iMETOS

The full understanding of spray timings on farm is extremely important. To put it very simply: the more precise actionable data you have from the field, the better decisions you can make.
The goal is to select the best timing for spray applications, to optimize the interval between applications that will ensure both disease and pest control as well as reduce the use of chemicals, and to evaluate the success of spraying.

Digital Plant Protection is a cutting-edge holistic approach to field management that helps farmers achieve bigger and better-quality yield at a lower cost. It combines three connected units: a physical weather station (µMETOS CLIMA), a GPS tracker (iMETOS Tracker) and a cloud platform (FieldClimate) to offer actionable tools and a direct benefit to the customer – to increase your return on investment.

How it all works?

Site-specific IoT weather stations are used to monitor the actual weather conditions in near real-time (rainfall, RH, temperature, wind, Delta T and more). The data is also used for the calculation of numerous disease models for more than 50 crops and the calculation of Growing Degree Days which adds to the understanding of the synchrony of the crop to the disease risk.

Furthermore, site-specific, field-level weather forecast is corrected with real-time local measurements on an hourly basis, which builds a powerful Plant Protection Work Planning Tool that helps you plan the work week better and optimize the operations for each field.

Finally, the IoT trackers evaluate the quality of work (speed and coverage) which also provides a time stamped record of field spraying in relation to the spray conditions.

All the data and actionable tools are presented on a cloud platform, which makes it easy to access from any place, at any time on either your desktop or mobile device.

The ROI (Return on Investment)

With precision spray applications, yield and quality loss can be minimized by 5 to 10 bu/acre because of better timed and increased coverage of actual sprays. Additionally, the environmental impact is lower, the use of resources is optimized, and time and money are saved with better work planning and execution.

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