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Efficient mobile seed processing service keeps customers on track

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As the gap between harvest and drilling narrows, an efficient mobile processing service is helping to keep Agrovista customers on track with home-saved seed.

29 October 2020, Nottingham, UK: By its nature, mobile seed processing is a quick and cost-effective way to clean and treat seed. But thanks to Agrovista’s commitment to service quality, customers are reaping the benefits of an even more efficient turn-around.

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For Sam Plowright of Manor Farm in Barton in Fabis, Nottinghamshire, making the switch to Agrovista was a risk worth taking. He said: “Although Agrovista provides our agronomy advice, this is the first year we’ve used them for seed cleaning too. We’ve always farm-saved our seed for quality reasons, and to ensure provenance.

“What struck me is the efficiency – on-time and to schedule. Because we’re looking to expand our 300 acres of mostly cereal crops, this will be even more important in the future. We’ll definitely be using the service again.”

Agrovista recently invested in a new high specification machine as well as enhanced health and safety training. The training took place to ensure safety protocols are adhered to when visiting farms, as well as compliance with Covid-19 restrictions.

Because of this, agronomist Phil Warham was able to recommend the service to Sam with added reassurance.

“It’s great to hear that customers such as Sam are seeing the results from our investment in mobile seed cleaning on-farm. It’s been an unusual year but we haven’t deviated from the quality of service, in fact, we’ve taken steps to ensure it’s not only efficient, but safe too.

“Due to unpredictable weather conditions, drilling dates are being brought forward, increasing the pressure on farm workloads. Efficiency and good planning is key, so for many, mobile seed processing is the solution.”

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