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Director-general Commends the Republic of San Marino for Its Attention to Environmental and Social Issues

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24 May 2024, San Marino: FAO Director-General QU Dongyu today paid an official visit to the Republic of San Marino. He attended a Public Audience granted by the Republic’s joint heads of state the Captains Regent Alessandro Rossi and Milena Gasperoni during which he delivered a statement to the State television broadcasting company San Marino RTV.

In his statement, Qu commended the institutions and citizens of the Republic of San Marino for their attention to environmental and social issues, and their awareness of the global need for increased inclusivity, resilience, and sustainability. As an example, he cited San Marino’s Urban Forestry Plan, emphasizing that urban forestry is one of the pillars of the FAO Green Cities Initiative that aims at making tangible impacts on the health, the resilience and well-being of people in 1 000 cities globally by 2030.

San Marino’s initiative of creating an urban forest will help mitigate the negative impacts of climate change and increase biodiversity in line with FAO’s Global Library of Trees and Flowers, the Director-General added.

He also praised the Republic of San Marino for its active contribution to the FAO governance processes and its efforts in promoting multilateralism, and the principles underlying the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals.

“We live in a time of great challenges, and we require this type of fruitful collaboration and solidarity to address and overcome the difficulties affecting all of us,” he said.

The Director-General expressed hope for the continued collaboration with the San Marino’s public and private sectors in support of the Four Betters: better production, better nutrition, a better environment and better life – leaving no one behind.

During his visit, Qu also met with the San Marino Minister of Foreign Affairs, International Economic Cooperation and Telecommunications, Luca Beccari, and Minister of Territory and Environment, Agriculture, Civil Protection and Relations with the Autonomous Public Works State Corporation, Stefano Cantiand.

The Director-General also went on a field trip to the San Marino-based flexible packaging solutions company SIT Group. The company showcased innovative technologies in flexible plastic packaging in the food sectors. 

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