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De Heus and Vietnam Agriculture News cooperate to support the development of sustainable agro-ecosystems

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25 July 2022, VN: Vietnam Agriculture News and De Heus Vietnam signed a communication cooperation agreement to promote a sustainable agriculture ecosystem in Vietnam.

Two parties will cooperate to strengthen communication on activities regarding sustainable and responsible livestock production and aquaculture, especially building a close value chain for livestock products, including feeds, input materials, care, slaughter, and processing procedures; promoting “made in Vietnam” pork, poultry, and seafood brand names that meet food safety and animal quarantine requirements with the aim for exports.

The agreement includes the technical support activities contributing to the promotion of digitalization and technological transformation in livestock production and farming in Vietnam; the establishment of disease-free livestock production areas in the Central Highlands and other areas; cooperation with livestock farming households and farms in order to supply quality breeding pigs, transfer science and technology and modern techniques to improve added value and ensure production efficiency in the field of pig farming.

Other contents of the focus in the communication agreement include establishing and developing cooperatives specializing in animal feed ingredients and modern livestock production cooperatives.

Vietnam Agriculture News and De Heus Vietnam will promote communication of the Netherlands’ experience in seed research, production organization, formation of growing areas of crops specialized for animal feed, and the utilization of by-products at slaughterhouses and seafood processing plants.

In addition, the two parties focus on the communication of training activities to improve the capacity and skills of cooperatives in animal feed ingredients, adoption of digital technology and 4.0 technology in the management and operation of livestock farming areas, reduce labor forces, veterinary medicines, improve product quality and safety; original traceability and transparency of all production procedures.

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