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Corteva Agriscience Collaborates with Elemental Enzymes on Abiotic Stress Mitigation Technology

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01 June 2021, St. Louis: Corteva Agriscience and Elemental Enzymes, a life sciences company that develops novel biotechnology and enzymes solutions, announced today a multi-year global agreement around a unique abiotic stress mitigation technology.

Through the agreement, Corteva receives an exclusive license to Elemental Enzymes’s Waterflux® technology. The optimized osmoprotectant blend provides plants with small organic molecules that help crops overcome abiotic stressors such as soil salinity, drought, and extreme temperatures, helping keep them productive and healthy.

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Corteva will offer this technology through a family of products to be branded under the name Sosdia™ Abiotic Stress Mitigator/Biostimulant. Two different products and formulations will be offered for a broad range of crops, including specialty and row crops, sugar cane, and turf and ornamental, as well as range and pasture. Pending appropriate registrations, Corteva will launch the products globally, excluding Australia and New Zealand territories.

“This agreement is another demonstration of Corteva Agriscience’s commitment to provide farmers biological solutions that offer proven, predictable performance in complement with our broad portfolio of conventional crop protection and seed solutions, as well as digital tools,” said Rajan Gajaria, Executive Vice President, Business Platforms, Corteva Agriscience. “We’re pleased to work with Elemental Enzymes to help farmers access new and innovative solutions that enhance plant resilience and growth under challenging environmental conditions, helping keep crops productive and healthy.”

“We are excited to partner with Corteva Agriscience to deliver a new tool to growers that helps manage water related stresses and increase water use efficiency in both the row crop and specialty crop markets,” said Brian Thompson, Chief Executive Officer of Elemental Enzymes. “Crops around the world are increasingly exposed to water and drought stresses that rob growers of yield. Waterflux® Technology allows growers to both maximize their water usage and protect against adverse conditions for their farms.”

Corteva’s model for developing its best-in-class Biologicals portfolio combines external innovation, R&D collaboration, licensing, and distribution. This agreement shows how Corteva collaborates with leading companies to accelerate commercializing customer-centered innovations. Waterflux® technology from Elemental Enzymes will provide value through Sosdia™ Abiotic Stress Mitigator/Biostimulants to improve consistency under environmental stress and enhancing yield potential and sustainability, in line with the Corteva Agriscience 2030 Sustainability Goals.

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