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China unveils measures to bolster food supply capacity

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02 June 2022, China: China will step up its food supply capacity to keep prices stable, authorities said, citing challenges brought by COVID-19.

The country encourages local governments to get a clear picture of the acreage, variety, output of vegetables in the field, and the variety and output of aquatic and livestock product stock on hand, according to a circular jointly released by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and other government organs on June 1. 

The circular said that qualified cities are advised to increase their inventory of food products in terms of both variety and quantity to intensify response capabilities. 

It urges localities to advance coordination between wholesale markets, large food-processing firms, logistics companies, and production bases and promote online transactions and point-to-point delivery. 

The circular stressed a smooth channel from the farmlands and vegetable bases to wholesale markets and express delivery, urging related departments not to block transport on the pretext of COVID-19 control. 

It also highlighted the need to ensure an ample supply of agricultural supplies and organize enterprises to commercialize the food products after harvest, including sorting and classifying, refrigerating, packaging, and preserving the products. 

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