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China reports Fall Armyworm in corn growing areas

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03 August 2020, Shandong: China has recently reported fall armyworm (Spodoptera frugiperda) infestations in the provinces and regions of northern China.

Summer is the peak season for pest and disease infestation in China. The agricultural authorities have issued warning and control measures to the local governments and have asked to be well-prepared for combating the pest.

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In early July, Rongcheng City in eastern Shandong Province had reported first appearance of fall armyworm larvae in corn fields. By Mid-July, Suzhou City of Anhui Province had reported signs of fall armyworm larvae.

The fall armyworm has migrated to key corn-growing areas in the country. However, the government informed that local authorities are well equipped to handle the situation.

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Shandong Province has organized an expert steering group for controlling fall armyworm to provide guidance on preventing a large-scale outbreak of the pests in large farm land holding areas. In addition, local governments are required to ensure abundant supplies and funds for the combat through capital raising via different channels.

China’s national government procurement platform appointed by the Ministry of Finance of China showed that there was frequent bidding information on procuring pesticides, equipment and services for controlling fall armyworm.

On 16 July, the Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Huanghua City, Hebei Province announced that it would spend USD18,019 (fixed amount) on purchasing insecticide mixtures of emamectin benzoate and indoxacarb for controlling fall armyworm.

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