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China: “Every Industry is Prosperous·Chinese Farmers Painting Exhibition” exchange seminar was held

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09 February 2024, China: On February 3, the exchange seminar “Thriving Industries: Chinese Peasant Painting Exhibition” was held at the National Culture Palace in Beijing, supported by the National Art Fund, jointly organized by the Rural Economic Research Center of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and Zhongnong Wisdom (Beijing) Management Consulting Co., Ltd. Relevant leaders from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and experts from relevant units were invited to attend the meeting for exchanges. The guests attending the meeting had a lively discussion around the innovation and development of peasant paintings.

Peasant paintings are rooted in the countryside, have strong characteristics of the times and distinctive features, reflect the profound historical and cultural heritage of the countryside, and are the carrier and expression of China’s excellent farming civilization. From September last year to the end of the year, the “Prosperous Industries: Chinese Peasant Paintings Exhibition” successively held online and offline tours in Altay, Xinjiang, Dongfeng, Jilin, Qingdao, Shandong, Huai’an, Jiangsu, Huyi, Shaanxi and other places. , more than 20,000 farmer audiences have watched the exhibition offline. On the eve of the Spring Festival, the organizer of the art exhibition held a final exhibition at the National Culture Palace in Beijing, which attracted widespread attention from the industry and outside.

Experts pointed out that the excellent works created by peasant painters on display in this exhibition cover vivid scenes of “whole rural scenes” such as agricultural production and life, folk customs, natural landscapes, rural style, and prosperity of rural industries, depicting the natural beauty of the countryside. The beautiful scenery depicts the hardworking and laboring workers, embodies the spiritual life of the masses, and shows the earth-shaking changes that have taken place in the fields of agriculture, rural areas and farmers. It is a carefully planned cultural feast, an artistic experience that remembers nostalgia, and even more An aesthetic pleasure.

Experts said that the successful holding of this farmers’ painting exhibition shows that holding a farmers’ painting exhibition can not only build a platform for farmer painters to serve rural revitalization, but also find a starting point and carrier to promote the revitalization of rural culture. It is hoped that more events like the Chinese Farmers Painting Exhibition will be held to promote the whole society to pay attention to, support and develop China’s excellent local culture, help the cultural industry prosper, increase farmers’ income and become rich, and enhance rural civilization.

Experts emphasize that the development of farmers’ paintings requires not only the establishment of online and offline sales channels, but also the extension of product lines and industrial chains, so that more farmers can benefit from the creation of farmers’ paintings. The current average age of intangible cultural inheritors is relatively older, generally over 60 years old. In view of this situation, the inheritance of peasant paintings has become increasingly urgent. It is necessary to mobilize institutions and people, including research units, to get closer to the peasant painter group and study The issue of how to better inherit farmers’ paintings. In today’s world, international non-governmental exchanges are relatively active. We can give full play to the role of culture in non-governmental exchanges and promote farmers’ paintings to go abroad and to the world.

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