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Central Queensland Cropping and Agronomy Workshops

22 June 2024, AU: A series of specialised cropping and agronomy workshops are set to take place next week designed to provide Central Queensland growers with an overview of key agronomic issues this season.

The sessions, scheduled to take place in Gindie (June 25) and Clermont (June 26), will cover essential topics such as chickpea disease, Fall armyworm, mungbean agronomy and weed control strategies.

Each will run alongside a Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) National Grower Network forum, allowing local growers and agronomists to raise with GRDC issues affecting their on-farm profitability.

Event Details:

  • Gindie, Tuesday June 25, 56 Emembi Downs Rd, 1pm – 5pm. Host: Gordon Staal
  • Clermont, Wednesday June 26, “West Wolfang” 2796 Mt McLaren Road, 1pm – 5pm. Host: Tom and Clare Mifsud

The workshops will feature collaborations with WeedSmart, Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation (QAAFI), Australian Mungbean Association (AMA) and Censeo Field and Lab (which is managing the new GRDC mungbean agronomy project).

WeedSmart’s Paul McIntosh says the two workshops were designed to provide discussion and extension knowledge on important targeted agronomic issues Central Queensland growers may face over the coming months.

“This is a very important workshop for addressing huge potential issues in your farming systems and I highly recommend growers attend to keep date on local issues,” he says.

“The benefits of coming along include gaining information to help assess and support risk level and decision-making process with the potential disease levels of chickpea crops; joining talks on Fall armyworm (area wide management and potential upcoming impacts); and learning more about the Censeo Field and Lab-managed project aiming to increase the yield and reliability of Mungbean production.”

Newly appointed GRDC northern grower relations manager Sally Dickinson shared her enthusiasm for the upcoming workshops, and her new role with GRDC.

“I have always been impressed by the great work undertaken by GRDC and am excited to be involved in these cropping and agronomy workshops with Central Queensland,” she says.

“I already have good networks in Queensland, but I am really looking forward to expanding this and building strong relationships and better understand the challenges being faced, and the opportunities that we have here in the North.

“I’m excited to hear from growers at these National Grower Network forums, learning about what their priorities are, and where they’d like to see their grain levies invested.”

Each day will conclude with a BBQ, providing an informal atmosphere for further networking and discussion.

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