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Caribbean nations collaborate on land-based climate action

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01 June 2021, UK: The meeting on “Advancing the design of a LDN Transformative Project/Programme in Caribbean SIDS for climate change mitigation and adaptation” took place online on 20-21 May 2021 to coordinate regional collaboration on the development of the new programme and seek synergies with national climate change mitigation and adaptation agendas. The Partnership Initiative for Sustainable Land Management in the Caribbean (PISLM), the UNCCD Global Mechanism (GM) and the UNFCCC brought together 24 participants, including National Focal Points (NFPs) of both Conventions and a representative of the GCF secretariat.

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Following the outcomes of this inception workshop, the next step  in the process will be collecting input on suggested country-specific activities and other additional guidance to share with PISLM, once UNCCD, UNFCCC and GCF NFPs have consulted with relevant stakeholders.

All the Caribbean Small Island Developing States (CSIDS) are parties to the UNCCD and UNFCCC, participating actively in the Conferences of the Parties and the activities of both conventions . Under UNCCD, CSIDS are actively engaged in the Land Degradation Neutrality (LDN) Programme of the GM.

Welcoming the attendees, the Executive Director of PISLM, Mr. Calvin James remarked on the continued collaboration of the GM with the PISLM, noting that the inception workshop ia a critical stepping stone to support CSIDS in shaping a land-based transformative programme that can boost climate resiliency and address land degradation issues in the region. Ms. Louise Baker, the Managing Director of the GM, highlighted that the CSIDS have always understood the real importance of safeguarding land capital, since for small island states every hectare of healthy land is a precious resource. Ms. Baker also recognized the progress the region has made in setting voluntary LDN targets, with 11 of the 15 participating countries already completing the process.

Additionally, during the first day of this workshop, representatives of the GCF secretariat, the UNFCCC Regional Collaboration Centre (RCC) at St .George’s and the GM of the UNCCD provided an overview of

GCF financial modalities and ongoing support provided for relevant initiatives in the region, including guidance to formulate multi-country funding proposals

Current climate change mitigation and adaptation priorities set by CSIDS in their  Nationally Determined Contributions and National Action Plans, highlighting the relevance of the Agriculture, Forestry and Other Land Use (AFOLU) sector and land-based interventions

The status of the LDN target setting process in CSIDS and related implementation efforts that require support. The country delegates shared information on the national priorities for climate change mitigation and adaptation, LDN targets and GCF financing.

On the second day of the workshop delegates discussed proposed themes and project components to define the scope of both regional and country-specific elements of the proposal and agreed to develop the concept as an umbrella programme proposal to be submitted to the GCF through its simplified approval process. They have also discussed which accredited entity would be best positioned to effectively support countries in the development of this initiative.

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