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Cargill unveils seaweed powder to address consumers’ appetites for label-friendly ingredients

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09 February 2021, Belgium: Food manufacturers can now achieve the rich eating experience consumers desire with Cargill’s new label-friendly WavePure® seaweed powder. Produced from native seaweed and obtained without chemical modification, Cargill is the first to make large, commercial-scale quantities of this familiar and versatile ingredient available to its European customers.

“Seaweed powder appeals to a trifecta of consumer demands, allowing product developers to create foods and drinks with indulgent sensory experiences, using a single ingredient that consumers perceive as a positive addition to ingredient labels,” said Xavier Martin, Global Product Manager Seaweed Extracts at Cargill. “By bringing this ingredient innovation to our customers, we’re giving them the tools they need to create products that truly stand out in a competitive marketplace.”

In addition to its consumer-friendly designation, Cargill’s seaweed powder is produced without chemicals, a processing approach that keeps all the natural seaweed components intact.

“Seaweed has been a staple food source in many cultures for centuries,” said Judd Hofmann, Cargill’s Segment Director Texturizers and Specialty Europe. “That tradition continues today, as consumers view seaweed as wholesome, healthful and nutritious. Our innovative WavePure seaweed powder range leverages that heritage, enabling simple ingredient labels that reference the familiar seaweed source.”

The company’s first offering in the line, the WavePure ADG series, is sourced from Gracilaria red seaweed, which is considered a traditional food ingredient in the European Union. As a result, there are various options for labeling with a reference to the seaweed source.

From a formulation perspective, the ADG series is well-suited for dairy desserts, serving as a recognizable alternative to less familiar ingredients. With WavePure ADG, smooth and creamy textures bring an optimal organoleptic experience, while also offering excellent gelling and thickening properties.

The ADG series debut ingredient, WavePure ADG 8250, is a proven solution for dairy desserts and the company expects to extend the range to other applications. In addition, Cargill is exploring opportunities to provide customers with a full line of seaweed powder solutions that tap into the rich diversity of other seaweed species.

Cargill continues to work to enhance the sustainability of all its seaweed ingredients, including WavePure. Ultimately, the company’s goal is to make WavePure ingredients a part of its Red Seaweed Promise™ program, which embraces sustainable seaweed production practices, enhances producer livelihoods and supports local communities.

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