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Blockchain Brings New Level of Trust to Agriculture

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08 December 2020, Ottawa, Canada: Farmers Edge™, a global leader in digital agriculture, and Standards Council of Canada (SCC), the nation’s leading voice on international standards and accreditation, today announced a partnership to change the face of traceability in the global food market. Working together with a Canadian standards development organization and the support of the Protein Industries Supercluster, they will develop a Canadian Technical Specification that provides the framework and guidance for agriculture blockchain interoperability across the nation, with the goal to expand standardization internationally.

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While blockchain technology has gained momentum in other industries, its use within the agricultural sector has been limited due to data sparsity and inconsistency. Farmers Edge brings a unique digital infrastructure—powered by real-time, field-level data sets and Artificial Intelligence—to better understand the capacity for data transfer throughout the supply chain. With effective standardization, blockchain technology can reduce transaction costs and improve data exchange through a transparent, decentralized, and secure process.

Food safety is a top concern amongst consumers and regulators globally. The World Health Organization estimates that 420,000 people die annually from food contamination, which affects one in 10 people worldwide. Additionally, consumer needs are changing at a rapid pace with increased intakes of plant proteins, non-GMO, and organic diets; this shift is fueling the demand for more transparency at all stages of the supply chain putting companies at risk that are unable to deliver it. Blockchain can mitigate risk by providing complete traceability for all stakeholders through verified crop records, from farm to fork.

“At Farmers Edge, we live and breathe data,” says Wade Barnes, Farmers Edge CEO and co-founder. “We understand the immense power it has on protecting the industry and feeding the world’s growing population. With the support of SCC and the standardization network, we’re able to develop a protocol that will result in increased trust and connectivity across the digital agricultural ecosystem. From settling transactions and tracing food origins to improving efficiency and tracking new market opportunities, blockchain will have a transformative effect on the agricultural industry. As a Canadian company, we’re proud to be at the forefront of this initiative as we strive to set a path for global interoperability.”

“Standardization is an ideal way to ensure interoperability and transparency along the agri-food value chain, which is comprised of many players with their own operating procedures,” says Chantal Guay, SCC’s CEO. “Supporting this project through our Innovation Initiative will help advance the use of Canadian technologies, facilitate participation of Canadian leadership in blockchain standards, and enable technological advancement across the agricultural sector.”

About Farmers Edge
Farmers Edge is a global leader in digital agriculture delivering cutting-edge solutions powered by a unique combination of field-centric data, artificial intelligence, and complete integration. Since 2005, Farmers Edge has transformed the industry with disruptive technologies and strategic partnerships designed to enhance connectivity across the entire agricultural ecosystem. With the most comprehensive data management platform on the market–FarmCommand®–Farmers Edge is revolutionizing the way farmers, agricultural professionals, and agri-businesses interact with data. Moving at the speed of digital with an elite team focused on innovation, machine learning, and IoT, Farmers Edge is creating new opportunities for all stakeholders, shaping the future of agriculture worldwide.

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About Standards Council of Canada
Established in 1970 as a federal Crown corporation, the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) is Canada’s voice on standards and accreditation on the national and international stage. SCC works closely with a vast network of partners to promote the development of effective and efficient standards that protect the health, safety and well-being of Canadians while helping businesses prosper. As Canada’s leading accreditation organization, SCC creates market confidence at home and abroad by ensuring that conformity assessment bodies meet the highest national and international standards. SCC advances Canada’s interest on the international scene as a member of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) by connecting thousands of people to global networks and resources, opening a world of possibilities for Canadians and businesses.

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