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Bejo Lettuce Seed Varieties Go From Strength to Strength on Bremia Races | Available in the UK from Elsoms

02 July 2024, UK: On Monday July 1st, the International Bremia Evaluation Board for the EU (IBEB-EU) officially identified another novel race of Bremia in lettuce, BI: 41EU. In 2023, three new races were announced. Bejo lettuce seed varieties with high resistance to BI:29-40EU, are also highly resistant to BI:29-41EU.

The Challenge of Bremia (Downy Mildew)

Bremia, also known as downy mildew (Bremia lactucae), is one of the most destructive diseases in lettuce. The fungus is genetically very variable and mutating frequently, explaining why in two years four new races have been announced.


Despite the identification of four new Bremia races in two years, nearly all of our varieties are still high resistant. We offer a high resistant portfolio (Bl: 29-41EU) with iceberg, batavia, butterhead, mini romaine and speciality lettuce. This spring knew a high Bremia pressure, due to the wet and relatively warm circumstances. Combined with usual preventative measures, high resistant varieties give a high protection level and a higher opportunity for a successful harvest.

Collaboration and Future Prospects:

Bejo Seeds operates in more than 30 countries, committed to advancing top-quality vegetable seeds that resonate deeply with our principles. Our collaboration focuses on enduring achievements, fostering enduring partnerships with customers instead of prioritizing short-term gains.

In partnership with Bejo, we collaborate closely with growers and associates to support promising initiatives and discover the limitless potential of nature.

Their substantial investment in research and development drives continuous improvement, enabling us to lead with innovations. By remaining at the forefront of modern breeding methods and actively exploring emerging technologies, Bejo develops seeds with enhanced attributes beneficial to growers and the entire supply chain.

“I am delighted to introduce our portfolio of lettuce varieties tailored for British growers. Our ongoing collaboration and strong partnership with Bejo Seeds has allowed us to bring forth a brilliant selection that showcases high resistance to the latest Bremia strains. Our growers can rest easy knowing our salads varieties are as reliable as they come.  We look forward to continuing to support and innovate alongside Bejo Seeds to meet the evolving needs of our growers across the UK.” – Lisa Tokelove, salads crop manager at Elsoms.

Bremia Resistance Tables

Jul-24 Iceberg

VarietyTypeOld resistance notationNew resistance notationNEW Resistance 2024
BertriceIceberg16-37 EU29-40 EU29-41 EU
CharliceIceberg16-37 EU29-40 EU29-41 EU
ChericeIceberg16-37 EU29-40 EU29-41 EU
EuniceIceberg16-37 EU29-40 EU29-41 EU
TimesIceberg16-37 EU29-40 EU29-41 EU

Speciality Lettuce

VarietyTypeSub-typeOld resistance notationNew resistance notationNEW Resistance 2024
LilybelBataviaGreen16-37 EU29-40 EU29-41 EU
CascabelBataviaDark Green16-37 EU29-40 EU29-41 EU
CivicLollo RossaDouble Red16-37 EU29-40 EU29-41 EU
SolosLollo RossaTriple Red16-37 EU29-40 EU29-41 EU
BiondonnaLollo BiondiGreen16-37 EU29-40 EU29-41 EU
MalisButterheadGreen16-37 EU29-40 EU29-41 EU
OaklandOak LeafDouble Red16-37 EU29-40 EU29-41 EU
OakusOak LeafTriple Red16-37 EU29-40 EU29-41 EU
PleasanceOak LeafGreen16-37 EU29-40 EU29-41 EU

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